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Design Procedures

Design Procedures

According to your demand, we will provide our company profile / proposal of our professionals who have the expertise of relevant information technologies and skill-sets you require, as you can communicate with them to take an interview / meeting.

We will provide a demo home page / trial development work which may be a part of your massive project to help you decide whether you are going on for a long term relationship with us or not.

We will provide pricing on a monthly or hourly or project rate for engineers according to the technical level, programming expertise required, and the project scope.

At the commencement of new strategic partnerships, when the service begins, we can communicate directly by email, instant messenger, or telephone, so that the offshore team members can respond promptly working in conjunction with your team.

You can control the progress of the offshore team by web-based project management tools. We can submit daily or weekly progress reports tailored to customer needs.

We never start the project without understanding project requirements. Proper documented project specification or the detailed requirement about what you want. Open communication through e-mail, chat or telephone.

Our Project Will Be Performed Using The Following Process:

  • Phase 1: Home Page Designs - Mockups Will Be Designed and Presented to the client for review and selection.
  • Phase 2: Home Page Finalization - The Selected Home Page Will Be Revised Until It Is Finalized.
  • Phase 3: Design Of Remaining Pages - Pages Mentioned Under Project Specifics Will Be Designed Based On The Style Of The Finalized Home Page.
  • Phase 4: Pages Will Be Developed In HTML5, PHP5, MYSQL, CSS3 and Using the Method of OOP (Object Oriented PHP) & MVC Pattern.
  • Phase 5: Deployment – Website or Software Will Be Tested and Launched.

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